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Herbal Remedies

Breast cancer patient with neuropathy

"I have been a patient of Lucia Foltanova Kajima since 2017.  When we met I  had just completed  cancer treatment and  as a side effect of my chemotherapy was experiencing terrible neuropathy in my arms, wrists and hands.  My body and brain were broken and depleted from a double mastectomy and  several other surgeries.  The treatment program that Lucia gave me was a  real rescue mission- and like all good diagnosticians  she took care of the urgent problems of  extreme pain immediately. Then under her care I  began to learn what would  help me heal- she is experienced in advising on food, herbs  and exercise.  I continue my treatment  with Lucia  today in 2020  for less extreme problems - she acts on every issue  that I bring  to her with kindness and concern- her  treatment extends beyond the office visit – Lucia checks in on me via email or text and often sends me information and articles related to my treatment.  Lucia exhibits all of the qualities of a  true healer- she is a keen observer, she listens closely , she is sympathetic, empathetic and confident. I recommend her with out reservation." BS

Parkinson's patient with costochondritis

"I was lucky to have services of several good acupuncturists, but Lucia is the best. She is what I call "thinking" acupuncturist. She listens to you and devise a plan based on your input, but as your conditions often change (as is the case with me), so does the plan.  I was in excruciating pain caused by costochondritis when  Lucia started my treatment. It was a success! I felt that she gave me my life back.  Now I'm her loyal patient, going for the treatments for different symptoms, or just for keeping my chi up to the challenges of everyday life. If Lucia is your acupuncturist you are a lucky person. Could not recommend her more." SA

Umbilical hernia patient

"I was diagnosed with umbilical hernia with my doctor suggesting a surgery. I was told by my doctor that there were no other treamtment options available. Considering my senior age, I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs. I was afraid of post-surgical complications and that a need for another surgery. I was referred to Dr. Lucia Foltanova Kajima by my massage therapist to check and see if acupuncture or Chinese medicine could help my hernia. At first I was skeptical as I have never heard that acupuncture can help for this problem. After about 8 acupuncture treatments my hernia was significantly reduced, which was palpable and confirmed by CT and ultrasound. While the hernia did not completely resolve, it did not necessiate any surgery. I cannot thank Dr. Kajima more for helping me with herbs and acupucnture to treat my hernia. I have seen Lucia since then for stress management, tinnitus and deteriorating vision and all of my complaints improved. If you have health issues that you were told by your doctors cannot be helped by other means than drugs or surgeries, you may want to see Dr. Kajima." TS

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